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Expressively and easily automate your text documents with TExpressive!

TExpressive is an expressive text template processor.  It allows you to:

Transform data into files
e.g. composing a mail merge, generating reports and invoices
Use shared templates to eliminate duplicate content in a set of files
e.g. defining a common web page lay-out
Extract data from files and process it
e.g. reading in CSV data files and transforming them to XML
... and much more
basically all combinations of a powerful, expandable script language combined with a rich data store

All this can be done via a powerful command line and/or command files mechanism so that you can automate your file building process, even for large file and data sets.  And best of all: we have strived to make TExpressive as easy to learn and use as possible!

Look at the screen shot page to see what TExpressive looks like.


Some benefits of TExpressive are:

Look at the on-line help of TExpressive for a complete overview of the characteristics.

Do you have a suggestion for the next release?  If so, send it to us via the support page.