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Expressively and easily automate your text documents with TExpressive!
Expressively and easily automate your text documents with TExpressive!

Version history

Newest version

The "About TExpressive" window shows you information about your installed version of TExpressive.  You can use the version information and the release date to check if a more recent version is available.  The latest version of TExpressive is available on the TExpressive website.

Note that TExpressive can also check for itself if a newer version is available via the main menu option "Help \ Check for updates..." in the main window.  You can also subscribe to the TExpressive update mailing list so you will never miss an update to TExpressive.

Beta version 11.3.3 - March 3, 2011

New features

  • Abbreviated notations have been added for script/script and script/sub-script boundary character sequences (";", "(" and ")"); this way you can more easily keep your script readable.


  • The term "Tag" has been replaced by the term "Function".
  • Comments are now only allowed in scripts, and another syntax is now used ("{ ... }").
  • The script delimiters #] and [# for subcontent are not supported anymore; you can use the functionally identical (#> and <#) delimiter sequences instead.

Fixed errors

  • Sometimes the line and column numbers would be unuseable in reported errors.

Beta version 11.2.18 - Februari 18, 2011

New features

  • The function SortSubParams has been added.
  • Negative sequence numbers may now be used when accessing subparameters; in this case the subparameter is counted from last to first.


  • The functions ForEach and Join can now also sort on the values of the subparameters.

Fixed errors

  • The Encode function now encodes international (Unicode) characters for use in RTF.
  • Sometimes parameter indexing via subparameter number would not be recognized.

Beta version 10.10.21 - October 21, 2010

New features

  • International text is now fully supported everywhere.
  • Apart from text files in ASCII format, now UTF 8 and UTF 16 encoded text files can also be read and written; the text format is automatically detected and can also be specified.


  • Windows 98 and ME are not supported anymore.
  • The command line command "/OptionFile" has been renamed to "CommandFile".
  • De predefined parameter "_CurrentInFile" has been renamed to "_CurrentFile".

Beta version 10.9.14 - September 14, 2010

New features

  • Initial beta release.